The future of AI in digital marketing and sales

The world has witnessed a great deal of technological advancement. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly influencing many aspects of modern life, including the usage of smart gadgets, chatbots, and even self-driving cars. As the world gains a deeper knowledge and understanding of AI’s promise and potentials, it is no wonder that companies of all sizes […]

How advanced analytics & machine learning can help your sales forecast

It’s unsurprising that in the era of big data, business institutions can no longer rely on nebulous or out-of-date indicators like trend lines, relative strength ratings, and other similar metrics for sales forecasting. Advanced analytics  and machine learning  has ushered in a new era of accurate business intelligence by blending traditional data analysis  methods with […]

How does Machine Learning work?

Machine Learning(ML), an intriguing field of Artificial Intelligence, is currently gaining the attention it deserves simply because it is all around us in today’s environment, and with the emergence of big data, understanding how it works has become a critical tool for solving problems in a range of domains. In computational finance, ML can be […]