Microsoft Azure – Get started in 4 easy steps!

Microsoft Azure – Get started in 4 easy steps! It is a known fact that cloud computing’s popularity has surged to unprecedented heights. Plus, there is more! Forecasters like Gartner have also given cloud computing a thumbs up, signaling that it is here to stay. Given that Microsoft Azure is one of the dominant cloud […]

Azure for big data analytics

Azure for big data analytics In an increasingly data-driven business climate, companies are focusing more on generating valuable insights from their huge volumes of data. As of 2017, 75% of firms had already invested in data analytics solutions, according to Gartner. Amongst the many cloud vendors available, the majority of enterprises are using the Microsoft […]

Navigating your way to the Cloud

In this post we will talk about what ‘cloud computing’ is, what it entails, how it works and of course also answer the question of what the mechanism behind it is. Despite the fact that cloud computing appears to be a simple term, many of us are perplexed by its meaning and uninformed of its full potential because it encompasses such a vast spectrum of technology and services. It’s […]

Big Data in the Cloud: The Perfect Match

Big Data in the Cloud: The Perfect Match Businesses can now profit from streamlined processes and cost-effective operations thanks to technological advancements. However, the availability of data from any source imaginable – social media, sensors, business apps, and so on – has become a game changer for firms of all sizes. These massive volumes of […]

How does AI help with financial analysis?

Financial institutions around the world are leaning towards the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies to improve their businesses. AI systems can filter through millions and billions of data points to uncover patterns and trends that humans might miss. A financial institution’s ability to evaluate data, detect hazards, and make quick choices is also […]