#Scalework Stories — Time with Bridgette

Scalework Testimonial

We spoke to one of our student students, Bridgette, who is currently participating in our 12-month course.  How do you find the Scalework Cloud Computing program? Bridgette: It’s a great program! The trainers and my peers make me feel right at home! I feel comfortable to ask questions if I don’t understand something. The program […]

Decoding the Cloud: Your ‘Einsteig’ into a Skyrocketing Career in Germany

Scalework Blog -Decoding the Cloud

Imagine you are in a cosy Bavarian Biergarten, sipping on a stein of golden Pilsner. The sun warms your face, and laughter echoes through the air. But beneath the jovial surface, a silent revolution is brewing. It is not a political uprising but a technological one, and its epicentre is the Cloud.  Cloud Computing has become the […]

Transforming marketing using AI and data

Marketing has gone through massive disruption, because technology is changing our lives in terms of (worldwide) communication, and we can now use computers as they were humans. Are you aware, that user experience optimization, digital ad campaigns, sales forecasting and personalization play a key role in nowadays marketing?Fill in the form to find out in […]