#Scalework Stories — Time with Bridgette

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Scalework Testimonial

We spoke to one of our student students, Bridgette, who is currently participating in our 12-month course. 

How do you find the Scalework Cloud Computing program? 


Bridgette: It’s a great program! The trainers and my peers make me feel right at home! I feel comfortable to ask questions if I don’t understand something. The program is very interactive, as we can speak up in class. The trainers are super patient, and they don’t mind repeating something if it’s still unclear.  


What do you like the most about the program? 


Bridgette: The program is inclusive, and it allows everyone to join. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; you will feel welcome! I am also grateful to join this program as I don’t have a background in tech, but I have a passion for learning tech and starting my career in tech soon!  

I like that there are many payment options available. If you are unemployed in Germany, you can get this course for free via a Bildungsgutschein, or you can choose from the other flexible payment options to cover course costs.  


What career are you looking at after the program?  


Bridgette: That is a very good question! I have a background in project management, but I’m not yet sure what exactly I want to do after the course. I might incorporate some bit of it into what I’m currently doing, so I still have time to think of what I would like to do after the programme. 


Do you find the topics you are learning applicable to your career goals? 


Bridgette: They are so much applicable to my career goals. I now have more insights on networking, Cloud, Linux, Python, SQL and AWS Services. The world is going digital. There is so much digital transformation. So almost every career soon will have IT included in it.  


Do you have the necessary support from Scalework? 


Bridgette: Yes, there’s enough support from Scalework. The lecturers Yayra, Joseph and Samuel, are very good and they’re so patient with us. They always go over the questions that we’ve not understood. They always go back to the topics; and explain more and there’s always revision every time. So, one can hardly say they’ve not understood a topic. The career success managers are always there to support. Adrienne, Ulrich and Maria from the application process were also excellent to provide the right information during the boarding. Scalework gives us more than enough support, and I am so thankful for that! 


For more details about our Cloud Computing Program, Visit our Cloud Engineering Page.

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