PowerBI is making friends with data scientists

It’s official! Data scientists can now tell captivating data stories with PowerBI in Jupyter notebooks. In the expansive field of data science there is a myriad of possibilities and methods to analytics and machine learning. Although many data scientists prefer to handle problems with popular programming languages like Python, R, Scala or even Julia, there […]

Why should you get started with Microsoft Azure?

Have you read our previous article “Navigating your way to the cloud?” yet? If you have, then you’re probably aware that Cloud Computing is not only everywhere, but that Cloud-based business solutions are proving to be quite successful for the majority of firms around the world. And what’s more? Because the majority of firms are […]

Navigating your way to the Cloud

In this post we will talk about what ‘cloud computing’ is, what it entails, how it works and of course also answer the question of what the mechanism behind it is. Despite the fact that cloud computing appears to be a simple term, many of us are perplexed by its meaning and uninformed of its full potential because it encompasses such a vast spectrum of technology and services. It’s […]