The ultimate “cheat sheet” to data-driven transformation for businesses!

What factors should businesses take into account when designing a data-driven transformation strategy? There is no denying that data has enormous value, and almost every organization has launched a high-profile push toward data-driven transformation initiatives, by examining the potential hidden in their data vaults as a means of gaining – and staying – ahead of […]

Are you wondering why most companies fail in applying AI to their use cases?

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence is the toast of any tech-powered corporate enterprise. Organizations are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) for its revolutionary potential to leverage the value chain. Regardless of how business-friendly AI appears to be, many organizations have had a difficult time implementing it. According to the latest findings from Deloitte’s 2017 […]

Why do most analytical and business intelligence solutions end up not getting widely adopted?

Why do most analytical and business intelligence solutions end up not getting widely adopted? The right analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) solution can be one of your most valuable competitive advantages because they are supposed to help all employers embrace data analytics and become data-driven. Organizations that use customer analytics extensively, for example, are 23 […]

How to compare stores and their performance if underlying store preconditions differ

How to compare stores and their performance if underlying store preconditions differ Every country in today’s world has a plethora of retailers and stores. While some of these establishments are in bustling shopping districts in major cities, others can be found in small towns and villages. Let us consider the following scenario: Let us assume […]

PowerBI is making friends with data scientists

It’s official! Data scientists can now tell captivating data stories with PowerBI in Jupyter notebooks. In the expansive field of data science there is a myriad of possibilities and methods to analytics and machine learning. Although many data scientists prefer to handle problems with popular programming languages like Python, R, Scala or even Julia, there […]

Data-driven decision making – why platform businesses are great role models to learn from

Data-driven decision making (DDM) is a broad term that involves several related approaches. It can be thought of as the application of statistical methods to improve decision making. Some of the approaches are statistical decision analysis, meta-analysis, neural network approaches or decision logic programming just to name a few. The more specialized and general approaches […]

Why should you get started with Microsoft Azure?

Have you read our previous article “Navigating your way to the cloud?” yet? If you have, then you’re probably aware that Cloud Computing is not only everywhere, but that Cloud-based business solutions are proving to be quite successful for the majority of firms around the world. And what’s more? Because the majority of firms are […]

Microsoft Azure – Get started in 4 easy steps!

Microsoft Azure – Get started in 4 easy steps! It is a known fact that cloud computing’s popularity has surged to unprecedented heights. Plus, there is more! Forecasters like Gartner have also given cloud computing a thumbs up, signaling that it is here to stay. Given that Microsoft Azure is one of the dominant cloud […]

Azure for big data analytics

Azure for big data analytics In an increasingly data-driven business climate, companies are focusing more on generating valuable insights from their huge volumes of data. As of 2017, 75% of firms had already invested in data analytics solutions, according to Gartner. Amongst the many cloud vendors available, the majority of enterprises are using the Microsoft […]